Cortec Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitors – VpCI

Corrosion rectification & prevention:


Cortec VpCI Corrosion Management Products and Solutions

Most man-made objects are made from metals or have a metal component.  Most metals rust/corrode or oxidise, with a consequent impact on how long they last and remain in a useable / serviceable condition, which in turn costs money to rectify or replace.

Through our Corrosion Management trading division we offer a range of coatings, vapourmeeting 1 emitting, liquid additive and packaging products that:

  • ¬†prevent newly manufactured metals and alloys from corroding;
  • arrest or remove the corrosion on corroded metals and alloys;
  • preserve corrosion prone metals and alloys, whilst maintaining function and appearance.

Cortec VpCI – How it Works information here.

Access to product Information videos here.

Global Cortec VpCI Customer information here.

All of the products within this range meet with both ISO 14001 and ISO9001. Many of the products also carry Mil Spec, NATO and NSN part numbers.

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