Employ Cortec VpCI products with confidence – Global Customers!


Australian Distributors of Cortec VpCI


Australian customers can employ the Cortec VpCI products with the confidence that many of the largest global corporations have for many years relied on the proven corrosion management performance of the Cortec Corporations products!

Customer Product I.D. Number

Aramco                                               VCI-Products                                NV6665-01

Boeing                                                 VCI-110                                        004049

Caterpillar                                           VCI-126                                        14134

Caterpillar                                           VCI-126                                        5685616P01

Caterpillar                                           VCI-126                                        39001762

Chrysler                                              VCI-379                                        NPM# 47-400-0772

E.I. Dupont                                          VCI-357/309/110                          PL44 (Standard)

Ford Motor Co.                                   VCI-126                                        41-5-933885

Ford Motor Co.                                   VCI-126, Cor-Pak® Film               Toxicity #047392

Ford Motor Co.                                   VCI-347                                        Toxicity #150100

Ford Motor Co.                                   VCI-377                                        Toxicity #150789

Ford Motor Co.                                   VCI-379                                        Toxicity #124011

Approval Class C-2

Ford Motor Co.                                   VCI-132                                        Toxicity #047392

Ford Motor Co.                                   VCI-326                                        Toxicity #130415

General Electric                                  VCI-127                                        989957-15

General Motors of Canada                  VCI-111                                        10648564

General Motors of Canada                  VCI-126                                        10648351

General Motors of Canada                  VCI-130                                        10648353

General Motors of Canada                  VCI-705                                        ECR 13830-002

General Motors, CPC                          VCI-127                                        1-405-039

General Motors                                   VCI-329                                        180CH200

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-126                                        R708934

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-126                                        R709104

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-126                                        R709106

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-126                                        R709125

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-126                                        R709181

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-126                                        R709111

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-126                                        R709101

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-126                                        R709100

General Motors, EMD                        VCI-705                                        10661800

G.M. Harrison Radiator                      VCI-126                                        2780709

IBM                                                     VCI-420                                        P/N 930169740

John Deere & Co.                                VCI-329                                        3530500-13

GE Spec.                                             VCI-309                                        D5F26A1

GE Spec                                              VCI-307                                        D5F26B1

Mack Trucks                                       VCI-132                                        07-103-175

Mack Trucks                                       VCI-386                                        95-512-359

McDonnell Douglas                            VCI-369D                                     DPM8560

Mercedes Benz                                    VCI-126 Film                                GGA21978

Motorola                                             VCI-111                                        5686383H01

NATO                                                 VCI-170                                        8030-00-244-1299

NATO                                                 VCI-110                                        6850-66-132-5845

NATO                                                 Cor-Pak® 1-MUL                          6850-66-132-5846

NATO                                                 VCI-368                                        6850-66-132-5848

NATO                                                 VCI-329                                        6850-66-132-6100

NATO                                                 VCI-347                                        6850-66-132-6101

NATO                                                 VCI-347                                        6850-66-132-6102

NATO                                                 VCI-101                                        6850-66-132-6104

Nissan                                                 VCI-126                                        EX57470

OKS Specialty Lubricants                   All Products                                  0-12 (MS-DP) Gr-1

Nortel                                                  VCI-125 (various sizes)                8209 – 8224

Service Central d’Achat (French Army)   VCI-126                                        9612694

Service Central d’Achat                      VCI-126                                        9612691

Service Central d’Achat                      VCI-128                                        9612630

Service Central d’Achat                      Cor-Pak® Film                              9619000

Shell Oil Co.                                       VCI-309                                        PO #051148-TLM

Siemens                                               VCI-137                                        A908900

Texas Instruments                                1-MUL                                          NE-44150T

Carrier Division of

United Technologies                        VCI-127                                        LF18-103

Textron Lycoming                               VCI-379                                        MRO-000-250

Toro                                                    VCI-126                                        3338-074

U.S. Navy                                            VCI-560 Powder                           NAMCAML 1333

Volkswagen                                         VCI-319                                        A150311

Westinghouse                                      VCI-110                                        3837A42


The above customers are commercially using the products, which means that all clearances, such as Material Safety Data Sheets and performance testing, have been successfully completed.

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