Australian Mining Industry is set to save millions by halting corrosion impact!


The Australian mining industry can now potentially save many millions of dollars through adopting a globally proven corrosion management range of products!

The Cortec VpCI – Vapour Phase Corrosion Inhibitor rang of products have been employed globally by both the industrial, production, defence  and mining industries for more than 25 years.  Impressively, the Cortec products have maintained Mil Spec, NATO and NSN numbers over this period.

The breadth and capacities of the Cortec VpCI products enable almost any form of equipment, infrastructure and inventory to be protected against the costly ingress of corrosion.  Assets can now be cost effectively protected whilst in operation, or during short, medium and long term lay up / mothballing.

The Cortec VpCI products are able to address electronics / electrical, cooling systems, hydraulics  and lubrication fluids and oils,  braking systems, and super structure.

Of significant note is the capacity to actually store key capital equipment in the open, even in tropical conditions! This frees up valuable and some time limited remote warehousing resources.

The Australian Distributor of the Cortec VpCI products, Prudential Coatings, offers a comprehensive range of the Cortec VpCI products. Corrosion management procedures employing the Cortec VpCI technology can be prepared to meet with a clients specific requirements.

The investment of a little time by members of maintenance, warehousing and reliability engineering departments communicating with the team at Prudential Coatings may result in significant future savings and operative reliability of plant and equipment.

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