Roof restoration – Arthanite is the best answer

The history of building methods in Australia has featured extensive use of asbestos and tin roofing.  Asbestos, as a building material has been recognised for many years as dangerous to human health and a material to be avoided, with carefully regulated specifications on how to remove existing asbestos safely.  Tin roofing has always been prone to corrosion and in many ways, welcomed for its appealing appearance as part of the iconic Australian landscape, until it rusted through and presented challenges in a repair or replacement argument.

The answer for people who wish to preserve their existing roofing material, whether it be asbestos or tin, at a reasonable cost, is Arthanite.  Arthanite is a product, that has insulating, fire retardant and water-proof properties, which when applied, encapsulates the whole surface, prevents dangerous fibres from being released into the immediate area/atmosphere and provides home inhabitants a well insulated, water-proof and safe environment in which to live, that will probably last longer than the youngest inhabitant.

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