Sunshine Coast corrosion

Prudential Coatings is located on the Sunshine Coast of QLD and share the challenge posed by the repeated corrosion of metal structures, even if those structures are painted. Homes with water views are particularly affected and most often balcony balustrades, wrought iron gates and fencing are hardest hit.  The most popular solution for people who wish to retain their metal structures, is sand-blasting back to base metal and re-painting.  That solution is never permanent and commits the owner to a repeating cycle of expensive maintenance.

Prudential Coatings have now launched a new product called Arthanite, which provides a permanent solution for newly sand-blasted metals.  It is a product (capable of tinting to a wide range of colours) which sets to a porcelain finish and requires no further maintenance.

For more information, give us a call on (07) 3129 5147.

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