Fire Retarding Products

Fire Retarding Products

Fire retardant coating system for construction timbers and other combustible building materials  in bushfire prone areas – solid colour – 3 part system

General purpose fire retardant paint – white

Fabric fire retardant

Fire rated construction panel – Orbit Board

Fire retardant coating system for bushfire areas

The fire retardant system is a three part system: a primer, intumescent coat and a sealer, which can then be top coated with a quality water based acrylic paint in the colour of your choice.  It is suitable for both exterior weather exposed and interior applications and offers bushfire fire protection on almost all combustible surfaces to which normal architectural water based paints will successfully adhere.

  • Tested to BAL 29, AS 3959Bushfire Construction Code
  • Meets Timber Fire Retardant Performance AS-3837
  • Meets with Accelerated Weathering Performance test

General purpose intumescent fire retardant paint

This is a solid colour, white acrylic-based intumescent paint that is easy to apply. The paint can be applied to almost any surface that standard acrylic paint will adhere to. A minimum of 2 coats is recommended to ensure the desired fire retardant performance is achieved

  • Complies with AS/NZ 3837 Group 2 (commercial rating) for use in non-weather exposed areas

Fire Retardant Coating System – How it works!

  1. The surface is painted with fire retardant paint and then top coated with your choice of acrylic paint finish.
  2. the fire retardant paint (intumescent) is formulated to expand / foam up, when exposed to radiant heat and flames, building a thick protective shield against the radiant heat and flames and temporarily protecting the surface from ignition.
  3. The more fire impact and heat on the paint the thicker the Protective shield becomes.
  4. Because the fire cannot reach and ignite the surface, the spread of flame is significantly retarded.

After the fire has been quelled, it is a simple three part rectification job!

Clean down and sand back the fire impacted area, prime surface as required and re-apply Fire Retardant coating.  Finish with an acrylic based top coat of your choice. It is strongly recommended that a minimum of 2 coats of fire retardant paint are applied for general purpose fire retardant performance.

Please note: For all paints/coatings – always do a ‘test patch’ prior to full application, to ensure our products do not react adversely with whatever “non visible” pre-treatment might have been applied at point of manufacture (even on ‘raw’ timber)

Fabric fire retardant

Fabric FR is a premium quality fabric / textile fire retardant that retards ignition and spread of flame on fabrics (e.g. curtains, drapes, upholstery)

Ideal for use in homes and commercial buildings, with particular merit for homes located in bushfire risk areas.

Fabric FR does not stain or colour fabrics, and is non-toxic and safe to use.

  • Meets the performance demands of AS 1530-3 and 1530-2

Orbit Board – Construction Panel:

Orbit Board (9mm thick) is a strong, lightweight non-combustible building panel for walls, ceilings and specialized applications such as flues & chimneys, range hoods, open flame barbeques, eaves linings etc.

Orbit board is a calcium silicate board reinforced with selected fibres and fillers and does not contain asbestos.  It is suitable for internal and external use in structures; comes in an off-white colour and has a smooth sanded surface on one face with a lightly textured reverse side.

This board is the most affordable and versatile fire resistant construction board, with high impact resistance, ever offered to the Australian building industry.

  • Fire tested to AS 1530-4; BS 476.20 & 22
  • Complies with the BCA – AS 3959 bushfire construction code requirements
  • Complies with the requirements of AS 5601